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AClass Academy of English
St. Catherine's High School,
11, Suffolk Road, Pembroke, PBK 1901, Malta - Europe
+356 21 374 588

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Terms & Conditions

Bookings and Conditions of Enrolment

Arrival in Malta ; Students are expected to check the following page for updated travel advice and may also contact our administration department for guidance. More information online may be found here Info – Visit Malta

All English language students are subject to the laws of Malta while residing in the country.

Confirmation of Bookings; In order to confirm your booking you can choose to pay either the full amount or a deposit of approximately 40% on application. The final amount of the balance is to be paid on the first day of school or via bank transfer one week prior to arrival.

For Group Bookings; Outstanding balance needs to be settled two weeks prior to arrival.

For Students with Hotel Accommodation; Outstanding balance needs to be settled two weeks prior to arrival.

For the Foundation Programme; First Term Fees are required to be settled to confirm the child’s place on the course.

Any invoice which amounts to €150 or less needs to be paid in full, prior to your arrival in Malta.

Should you wish to pay by bank transfer, please do so one week before arrival and bring proof of payment on the first day. For those who have booked hotel accommodation, full payment has to be settled two weeks prior to arrival. If this is not confirmed with all the required information, including flight details and all other information as requested, the provisional booking will be cancelled with no charge. We will also need you to confirm your flight details and arrival dates, your approximate level of English and any special requirements you may need. At times, we may also require copies of your passport to be sent to us prior to arrival. If it is not confirmed with all the required information, including flight details and all other information as requested, the provisional booking will automatically fall and will be cancelled with no charge.

If you are a minor (under 18) you will also need to fill in a separate consent form to be signed by your parents prior to your arrival in Malta . The administration department will send you our Teen Consent Form and Teen Terms and Conditions prior to starting your course in Malta. You will need to declare any prior medical condition to the school and agree to the behaviour policy including the Curfew Times (time you must be home).

When the quote is confirmed within 48 hours AClass Academy of English will book your place on the course and the necessary accommodation and send all course and accommodation details to you by e-mail. 


All flight details must be provided at least 14 days before you start the course, unless you are booking late in which case you are to contact us directly as soon as possible. Airport transfers cost €40 (return) or €25 (one way). An arrival airport transfer is mandatory if you are booking host family or self-catering accommodation with us.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations/changes effected after a confirmation will be charged as follows:

Cancellation Prior to Arrival

The school cannot give you a refund of the deposit if you cancel the course after the booking has been confirmed. We can not give refunds if you arrive late, leave early or miss part of the course.

There is NO deposit refund once your course has been booked. After you have accepted a place on a course, we cannot repay your deposit. In the event that you cancel, this deposit will be used to pay cancellation fees to hotels/ host families and to teachers as well as to cover any extra administrative charges.

If you cancel less than 14 days before the start of the course you will be charged for one week course. If you have booked accommodation and cancel the accommodation less than 14 days before arrival you will be charged for one week of accommodation.

Cancellation 7 days or less prior to arrival – no refund given.

Please arrange cancellation insurance before you leave home. We recommend Guard Me insurance who are specialists in EFL insurance. Please see our website for links to our partner site. 

Termination of Accommodation or Course after arrival

No refunds can be given on courses or accommodation after your arrival.

Accommodation in host families is always allocated by the school all changes must be made through the administration office. In the case of group bookings allocation lists will be sent prior to arrival via email. Any changes must be communicated to the school prior to arrival on the island.

In the case of an emergency you must call the 24 hour emergency number to inform the school of an emergency.

It is the student’s responsibility to inform us of any allergies prior to arrival to avoid misunderstandings with the host family.

Under no circumstances are students or leaders allowed to change host families without prior consent.

Re-booking Course or Changing Accommodation

For General English and Intensive English Courses a minimum re-booking fee of €30 euro is applied if you wish to change your course or accommodation after having paid your deposit and received our booking confirmation. The amount may be more than €30 especially if you have booked a hotel, as terms and conditions for cancellations vary from one hotel to another.

No re-booking fee will be charged in circumstances where you are upgrading your course.

Visas:  There is a visa assistance fee of €100 per person when assistance for applications is required. A deposit must be paid before we can send any visa related documents. The deposit will be clearly indicated on the invoice we send you and is based on the number of weeks and accommodation booked.

If your visa application is rejected, you need to send us a scanned copy of the rejection letter at least 1 week before your course starts. You will be refunded your deposit, minus a €140 administrative fee; failure to do so will result in you losing your deposit. Please allow 15 working days for transfers to reach your account.

For more information on visa applications please visit  

Payment Procedures: For the deposit required prior to arrival:

By Bank Transfer

Phone : (+356) 25 581200

Fax: (+356) 25 581250

Bank Address

Lombard Bank PLC,

67, Republic street,


Bic code: LBMAMTMT

Bank information:

IBAN: MT85 LBMA 0500 0000 0001 1741 0790 200

St Catherine’s High School – AClass account:0117410790200

If the total payment on the invoice is less than €200, then a deposit payment is not required. However, the total payment in full has to be made prior to the arrival of the student.

For payments on the first day of school:


Credit card: Payment can be made by credit card, this will incur a processing fee of 3% on the total amount.

Bank Transfer: If you plan to pay by Bank Transfer kindly do so prior to your arrival and bring proof of payment with you on the first day. Additional Private One-to-One Lessons Booked AFTER Arrival

Booking After Student Has Arrived in Malta or for Students Residing in Malta

Any private lessons booked must be paid for in full before the lessons commence. Should the student not turn up for a private one-to-one lesson and not give prior notice, the lesson is forfeited. If the student gives a minimum notice of 2 days, the lesson will be rescheduled at no extra charge. No refunds are given for cancellations.

International Foundation Course (Young Learners)

Students who book a full year Academic Foundation English Course will be required to settle the first term’s fees and the registration fee for this course as a deposit.

If you intend to postpone the course please send an email to the school, failure to inform the school by the set deadline will result in the loss of the paid term fees.  

Once a place has been confirmed the school will not issue refunds on school fees.  No postponement of the course will be accepted after the above date. 

If a child leaves half way through the term the school will not issue a refund.

Online lessons 

AClass will act as the link between you and your teacher. Before you start your lessons you need to have a ZOOM account and a good internet connection should be maintained. Video cameras should always be switched ON.

All paid lessons are to be taken not later than 3 months from start date. Lessons not taken after 3 months from start date will be forfeited. Please be on time for your lesson/s. If you are late, you will not be able to get this time back. You may postpone a lesson by sending an email at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson time to the school ( or by calling the school.)Failure to give notice in time will result in the paid lesson being counted as taken.

If  there is no notice that the lesson is going to be missed, AClass Academy of English would have lost the chance of placing another booked lesson to replace the one missed by the student . In the unlikely eventuality that the teacher postpones a lesson, he or she will do their best to inform you via email beforehand and you can rebook the lesson at a future date. Please make sure you have all of the equipment you will need to have your lesson/s. The school and teacher cannot be held responsible if you do not have the correct equipment or if your internet connection is not stable or fast enough although we will make allowances for the first lesson.

If, after the first lesson, the subsequent lessons cannot be held because you have faulty equipment or an inadequate internet connection, the subsequent lessons can be postponed for up to 3 months. After this, should the equipment or internet connection on your part still not be working correctly, the lessons will be counted as taken.

AClass Academy of English has tried to solve any possible issues that might arise with regards to  equipment and internet connections. This is to ensure that lessons always take place. However, if a lesson has to be postponed, every effort will be made to inform you in advance so that the lesson can be re-booked at your earliest convenience. If an emergency arises, and we are unable to notify you in advance of your lesson, then the lesson will not be counted as taken and you will be given the option of rescheduling. 

Other Booking Conditions that you should know about:

Placement Test:

Once the student has booked and paid a deposit, they can take the online Placement Test by following the links on our website. Full details of the Further assessments will be made at school on the first day.

Students booking an Exam Course such as PET, FCE, IELTS etc

Please check the dates for the required exam before booking your course. AClass does not guarantee you will be placed on the exam preparation course until you have been tested at school under the appropriate test conditions. Students will be tested extensively on the first three days of the course to place the student in the correct examination class for them. They will be given separate reading, writing, listening and speaking tests. This is to identify strengths and weaknesses of the students and to help give them an indication of their level before the course. The students will also be tested mid-course and at the end of their course to assess their progress. If there are not enough students for an exam course, the student will follow a General English Course in the mornings with Special Exam Focus in the afternoons but on reduced hours. 

Complaints Procedure 

If, at any time throughout their course, students are not happy with any aspect of their stay, they are to speak to the Director of Studies about anything course-related. Speak to Administration staff regarding accommodation, transfers or tours. An End-of-Stay Evaluation Form will also be given to students to evaluate the level of satisfaction of our customers at the end of their programme. Please communicate any of your needs to us at the start of the course to ensure issues are resolved as soon as possible.

Changing level or teacher

If students have any problems with their teacher or course they are first required to discuss this with their teacher. If this matter is still not resolved they are to speak to the Director of Studies who will do her best to remedy the situation. Students can only change their level on Mondays or Tuesdays. Any other changes will be at the discretion of the Director of Studies.


AClass Academy of English expects all its students to act in a considerate manner and respectful manner towards members of staff, host families and fellow students at all times. Please remember to observe the rules and regulations of your host country. The school reserves the right to ask any student who does not comply with the rules above and below to leave the course. In this case, no refund of fees will be made and any extra costs incurred by the school on the behalf of the student will be charged to the student.

AClass may also expel any student from any course at any time for breaking any of the laws of Malta, being in possession of drugs or abusing alcohol, malicious damage to the school, host family property or rented apartments, or any dangerous behaviour that may put the student or other people at risk.

Loss of Property Insurance

AClass Academy of English will not be held responsible for loss or theft of any property belonging to any of its students from the school, accommodation or from any other location.

Force Majeure

In the event that AClass Academy of English is unable to fulfil any of its obligations as a result of an event/events beyond its control, AClass Academy of English will not accept responsibility or liability. Such events will include but will not be limited to : terrorist attacks, war or the threat of war, riots, industrial action, natural or man-made disasters, unusually adverse weather conditions or any other event/events that may classify Malta as an “at risk destination” by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Reduced Hours

A minimum of 3 students are required to offer all our courses except 121 lessons. If the school is unable to create a group course due to not having enough students at the same time/level, a smaller group course or single lessons for a reduced amount of time will be provided instead at no extra cost:

If two students are present

20 lessons will be reduced to 15 lessons and 30 lessons will be reduced to 22 lessons.

If only one student is present

20 lessons will be reduced to 10 individual lessons and 30 lessons to 15 lessons at no extra expense to the student.

Public Holidays

AClass Academy of English will be closed for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Kindly contact the school for the exact dates.

AClass Academy of English will be closed on every public holiday. If any lessons fall on a public holiday there will be an extra half an hour added to Morning lessons only on the remaining days during the rest of the week. Click here to see an updated list of holidays;

Only One to One individual lessons and ESP lessons will be made up in full. Courses and Programmes Courses Courses are given at 5 levels: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper- Intermediate, and Advanced. Beginner level students must book between 1 or 2 weeks of one-to-one lessons depending on the individual’s progress before being placed in an Elementary group. Students should contact AClass directly to arrange this option.

Courses start every Monday and lessons are offered both in the mornings as well as in the afternoons. During peak season (June, July and August) AClass reserves the right to place students in morning or afternoon classes depending on availability.

Getting to School on the First Day

Host families will either drop the students off at the school (in the case of Junior and Teenage students), or will show the students (Adults) how to get to the school on foot. Our host families are all located within walking distance from the school. During peak season, especially if booking is confirmed late, the host family might be a bus ride away, in which case you will be informed at the time of booking. Students booking hotel or other accommodation are expected to find their own way to school either on foot or by bus.

A map of the area is available on our website through a link with Google maps. Students are asked to call our offices using the numbers in their welcome pack should they need any further assistance. Pembroke is a quiet, residential area close to the main shopping and entertainment areas in St. Julian’s. Visit: for bus schedules and routes. AClass is a 5-minute walk from the Pembroke Park and Ride.


All excursions are organized from a central pick up point near the school. The excursion activity will start once all the group has arrived and the bus is ready to go. Students who have difficulty in finding the central meeting point are to contact the school on the numbers indicated in their welcome pack or to ask for more information at reception. Students who are late will miss the excursion and no refunds will be given. After the activity students will be taken back to the pickup point. At times, students will not have time to go back to their place of residence between classes and the afternoon activities therefore they need to bring anything they might need with them to school. All their belongings like (swimwear, towels, creams, cameras etc) must be taken to school with the students before they start classes in the morning.

AClass will not take responsibility or offer any refunds to students who choose not to attend any afternoon activities they have booked. Activities can be booked before arrival or once at school.

Certificates – AClass issues certificates to all particpants at the end of the course. Lost certificates can be reissued at a charge of €25 + postage and packing fees.

Teen Bookings (11 – 17 years of age) – Please see our separate Terms and Conditions for Juniors and Teens 

Group Programme 

Please contact us for Teen Easter and Summer Programs. The Easter package will contain some small variations due to seasonal differences. Some excursions will require parental consent release forms to be signed prior to the arrival of the students.

Transport is organised for all events as two-way unless otherwise stated. Program is subject to change without prior notice at the discretion of AClass Academy of English leisure department. Please note that the correct times will be provided on the programme, which shall be given at school. Should there be any changes in the program all students will be notified. See Teen Arrivals below for more information on Teen Packages.


Individual Arrivals (adult arrivals)

Individual arrivals who book a taxi transfer through AClass Academy of English will be picked up at the Malta International Airport by taxi driver representing the school. Every individual arrival will have his/her name printed on an arrival card that will be held by our driver at the arrivals lounge. They will be provided with a welcome pack which contains a welcome letter with contact numbers and an emergency number, a map and lots of useful information about Malta. The students will be then taken to their accommodation. Students should ideally plan their flights to be here on the weekend prior to the commencement of their course or program. On the first day of school, morning lessons start at nine and new students should be at school by 8.15 a.m. on Monday morning to take their placement test and meet the Director of Studies.

Teen Arrivals Prior to arrivals, all parents or legal guardians must sign a Teen Consent form and send it to us on The Teen Consent form can be downloaded from our website or. An AClass representative will welcome new students under the age of 16 at the airport, give them their welcome pack and take them to their host families. Students under the age of 18 are automatically booked with host families unless coming on a family package course. The first appointment is at 8.15 am on the first day of school. Lessons follow the same hours as adult courses. Student attendance to class and afternoon activities will be checked daily.

Curfew times

Students must return to their host family in the evening by the following times, except when they are attending school functions.

Ages 16-17: Sunday—Thursday – Up to: 23:00

Friday — Saturday – Up to: 00.30

Under 16: Sunday —Thursday – Up to: 21:00

Friday—Saturday – Up to: 23:00

(Exceptions can be made if students are accompanied by parent/guardian)


A group leader supervises students during all activities listed on the Teen programme. Emergency Support is also offered 24/7 to Teen Students. Students are encouraged to spend their free time with their host family.

Unaccompanied Minors 

Students travelling to Malta as minors will not be accompanied by staff before pick up or drop off from airport. Should you require any assistance this is available for an extra charge of €40. Babysitting can also be organised but please contact us to confirm availability.


Students who have booked a departure transfer are given a return voucher which outlines departure flight details provided to AClass on the student registration form. The voucher will also state the time that they will be picked up to be taken to the airport. Normally this is 2 hours 30 minutes before the flight time.

Vouchers will be distributed by no later than Wednesday of their last week at AClass. It is the students’ responsibility to confirm that the flight details are correct. If the date, flight time or flight number are incorrect then AClass staff must be notified immediately so that they can correct the error. If the flight details are not checked or AClass staff is not informed about the incorrect flight details then AClass cannot be held responsible for students missing their flights.

Medical Insurance

Should a student be ill and require medical assistance the school will do its utmost to help and will put the student in contact with a number of qualified medical general practitioners (GP or Doctor). The doctor will charge the student directly. Prices for a GP visit vary but are in the region of € 15-20 per visit.

All individuals must take out medical insurance before travelling to Malta. We recommend Guard Me insurance who specialise in EFL insurance. Please notify us should the student have an existing medical condition, allergy etc. It is strongly suggested that EU citizens get a European Health Insurance Card. If a student is admitted to Mater Dei Hospital, they will need to show their European health insurance card or document. If they are not covered by a European health insurance card then the hospital requires a guarantee of payment through their travel insurance.

Please note that insurers decline payment for alcohol-related treatment and if this is the case, the patient will need to pay on the spot.


This site contains links to other sites on the Internet. Although we screen all sites before linking  them, web sites and addresses change regularly. The linked sites are for your convenience and accessing them is at your own risk. AClass Academy of English is not responsible for the content of any linked site. You may establish a link to this site, provided that the link does not state or imply any sponsorship or endorsement of your site by AClass Academy of English, its affiliates, or any group or individual affiliated with AClass Academy of English.


From time to time, staff at the school will take photographs/videos of students on activities for promotional purposes which may be used on our social networking pages.

Should you wish to refrain from being photographed or filmed, kindly let us know and we will ensure that no student is used for promotional purposes against their will.


Home Stay Accommodation (Groups + Individual Bookings for Teens and Adults)

All families working with us are checked to make sure that they are in a suitable locality and comply with local MTA standards before we accept their services. All families working with us are licensed by the Malta Tourism Authority. We check that host families have no more than 4 students from us at any one time (barring 2 days for any overlaps). Adult students will be placed in twin/triple/quad rooms.

If a shared room is selected there may be more than two people accommodated in that room.

Students booking host family accommodation do not have exclusive rights to that room.

In the event that host families have more than 4 students in total per room, please inform us as soon as possible and a we will try to rectify the situation immediately.

Students must remember that families are not hotels and students should try to blend in with the families’ customs and traditions where possible.

Students are advised to agree on meal times with their host family to avoid misunderstanding. Students are not allowed to use the family kitchen, meals are prepared by the hosts and normally shared with the family and students. Dinner times are to be respected. If students make other plans or arrangements, students should inform the families of their absence as they may prepare food unnecessarily and worry should the student not turn up. If a student is unhappy with the food or have a particular request, please communicate this to your host family for an alternative to be arranged.

Any special requests including dietary requirements must be made at the booking stage and will incur an additional charge of €40 per week. Also if students require sole nationality at the host family, a supplement of €40 euros per week is to be charged.  AClass Academy of English will try their best but do not guarantee that any special requests will be granted if they are not stated in the Student Registration Form. Please make AClass staff aware of any allergies or phobias or other requests ahead of time to allow correct placement.

Kindly note that for bookings of 3 nights or less, a student will be charged per night. For bookings of 4 nights or more, a student will be charged for a whole week.

Laundry and Wifi.

Linen and towels are provided by host families. Beach towels are to be brought by the students. Bed linen is changed once a week. Laundry facilities are offered once a week for which there may be a charge of €5 per load. AClass Academy of English has nothing to do with payment for this service.

Wifi is available in most host family lodgings. It is included in the price and no payment is to be made to the host family for this service.

Home stay guidelines

Staying in a Maltese Host Family with other students from different parts of the world is an integral part of YOUR language stay. It is important to remember that you need to adjust to the cultural differences, and you must do your best to integrate and communicate effectively with the family. Please read the points listed below carefully and speak to a member of staff should you have any difficulty or questions regarding the rules and regulations. AClass Academy of English will try its utmost to allocate students as close to the school premises as possible and will confirm your host family prior to arrival.

Students may book an individual or shared room. A Maximum of 4 students per Host Family is allowed. Students booking a shared room will be placed with a student of the same sex but possibly of any nationality. Where possible Teen students will be placed with a similar age group. Only students who are 18 years of age and older are allowed to share a room with a student of the opposite sex when booking a shared room together.

Students staying in a host family can choose between bed and breakfast, half board and full board. Breakfast provided by Host Families will include some of the following items such as fruit juice, cereal, fresh bread or toast, jam or marmalade and a hot drink such as coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Lunch consists of items such as sandwiches with suitable fillings (e.g. ham and cheese, cheese and tomato, tuna), a piece of fruit and a small bottle of water. Dinner will be made up of a warm main course, a dessert such as ice-cream or fruit, and a beverage. It is important to note that students are NOT allowed to cook in the family as meals will be provided by the family according to their booking.

Each student will get a key and will be responsible for returning it at the end of the stay. If a key is lost it must be replaced at the student’s expense. Students are expected to keep their rooms and the Host Family home clean and tidy at all times and abide by the Host Family rules.

In the event that the room is not kept clean, the Host Family will inform AClass Academy of English. You will be asked to clean it immediately after class. Any damages due to negligence incurred by a student in the Host Family’s home, such as stains, breakages and tears to soft furnishings must be replaced at the student’s expense. Any valuables are the responsibility of the student and should be kept locked in the student’s suitcase.

AClass Academy of English will not take responsibility for any personal items which might have gone missing from a Host Family. Students are advised not to carry valuables into a Host Family’s home and any loss of personal items including money is at the student’s own risk. Under no circumstances may students invite people over to the Host Family’s home with informing the host family beforehand.

Students who cause serious disturbances to the neighbours will have to leave the host family home and in these cases, no refunds of their course or accommodation will be given. Students are not allowed to walk around the Host Family home improperly dressed. AClass Academy of English is entitled to inspect the student’s room at the Host Family whenever necessary.

Students booking a Host Family are to ensure that they have a clear arrival transfer arrangement with AClass Academy of English. This allows AClass to be make arrangements for student our representative to take the students directly to the Host Family, or the Host Family meeting point, where the student will be welcomed and meet the family.

Should any student encounter any problems with their Host Family, AClass Academy of English will do all it can to resolve the problem within 48 hours.

Change in Host family accommodation

A student who is not happy with a host family should speak to the administration office, we will do our best to change your family should there be a valid reason and if we have availability in any other family.

If a request to change family is made and is not supported by a valid reason, a re-booking fee of €30 has to be paid by the student. Any other expenses such as; accommodation and transport costs are also to be paid by the student. The change will only be possible based on availability.

Shared Apartments and Hotels (for Adult groups + individual Adult bookings only)

Adults in hotels can choose between a single, twin room or triple room. Adults in apartments will be placed in twin / triple rooms unless a single room is specifically requested (subject to availability). Adults in Shared Apartments must be at least 18 years of age. Please note that a €50 euro deposit must be paid once you arrive at the apartment.

Students may book a shared room (maximum 3 persons) or a single room. All apartments booked by students are mixed. Students booking a shared room will be placed with a student of any nationality and of the same sex. An apartment may have 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms. Each bedroom will accommodate a maximum of 3 persons unless specifically indicated in the apartment profile.

Upon confirmation the student will be allocated an apartment. In exceptional cases, students may have to move apartments during their stay. The student will be informed at booking stage if he/she will have to move. The change from one apartment to another must be made by the student and should the student wish to book transport this will incur an extra charge.

Each student will get a key and will be responsible for returning it at the end of the stay. If a key is lost, it must be replaced at the student’s expense. Students are expected to keep their rooms and the apartment clean and tidy at all times. Furniture is to be respected and maintained. If the apartment is not kept clean, AClass will retain money due from the deposit.

Common areas of the apartment are cleaned on a weekly basis but it is up to the students to clean their own rooms. Any valuables are the responsibility of the student. Students are advised to take out appropriate insurance cover when travelling.

Under no circumstances may students invite people who are not booked with AClass to spend the night in their apartment. Should this happen, a fine of €50 will be charged to each student in the apartment. No works, alterations or maintenance are to be carried out by a student staying in a shared apartment. The entrance rules to the apartment and those of the common areas are to be respected at all times. Noise or any other disturbances are strictly forbidden.

Upon entry students are to inspect the apartment. Should anything be broken or missing they are to report the details to AClass within 24 hours. AClass is entitled to inspect the apartment when it deems necessary. Students are personally responsible for the furniture in their room and jointly responsible for damages that take place in the apartment but outside the room. Keys of bedrooms are not given to students unless specifically requested. Bed sheets are supplied to students. Students should bring their own towels.

Should the students require a heater during the winter months, a heating supplement of €15 per week is to be paid to AClass.

Students who cause serious disturbances to the neighbours will be evicted and no refund will be given.

Students must not hang towels from balconies, play loud music or hold parties in the apartments.

Garbage is usually collected in the mornings before 10.00 a.m. except on Sundays and public holidays. This should be placed outside the main door for collection. Check out time is 12:00 p.m. at the latest and check in time is any time after 14.00 p.m. on the day of arrival.

Students who have lessons on the day of departure may bring their luggage to school where it will be kept safely during lessons.

Students booking a shared apartment must book an arrival transfer with AClass. This will ensure that you are met at the airport by our representative and taken directly to your apartment where one of our representatives will welcome you, give you the keys and show you the apartment.

Should any student have problems with their apartment, they are to speak to the school immediately so that we can resolve any issues. Students travelling in groups will usually be able to share rooms with other members of the group. Requests must be made at the booking stage. Late requests to share with friends cannot be guaranteed.

Hostels (for Adult groups + individual Adult bookings only)


Check-in time is any time after 2 pm. Check out time is 11 am. AClass will inform the hostel of your flight details so if you arrive late at night, someone will be there. The hostel closes at 10 pm every night although students are provided with a key so they can come and go as they please.


Continental Breakfast is served between 7.30 – 9.00 on week days and 9am – 10.30 on feast days and weekends. No other meals are offered although there are vending machines from which guests can buy small snacks.


There are lockers in the main area free of charge for you to leave any valuables in. Sheets and Towels are also provided and laundry can be done at a small charge. Ask the hostel directly when you get there. The hostel also has a TV room with a DVD player and computers with internet access.

Data Protection Policy

The school’s retention policy i.e. the amount of years your information will be kept on file, is that of three years. Hard copies of registration forms are filed and kept within the administration office. After these three years, these documents will be destroyed.
Students’ electronic information i.e. email addresses, may be kept for longer on the school database and may be used for marketing purposes.
Both adults and minors are expected to fill in the relevant documents relating to photography. The adult registration form contains a section regarding this and students must sign to give their consent. All students under the age of 18 will be given a minor’s consent form which must be completed by their legal guardians. This form also contains a section regarding photography and its use on our social media platforms.
Should students at any time decide they would like to withdraw their consent, please send an email to If we do not receive a written request, we will continue to abide by what is stated on the consent forms.
Any emails containing bank details/credit card details necessary for payment will be deleted once the transaction is made. Your personal details will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used to trace payment. In the case that local banks contact us to confirm a bank transaction, your personal details/bank details may need to be disclosed to them.

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