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Test your level

Test your level of English NOW - try our free online assessment and get a good indication of your English level in minutes! Just choose the best answer, please note that the test becomes more difficult as you continue. At the end of the test you will see your results. This test does not replace the placement test on your arrival.

Question 1

What's name?

Question 2

Where from? I'm from Hungary, I'm Hungarian.

Question 3

I get up 7 o'clock in the morning.

Question 4

Wow! How CDs do you have?

Question 5

Would you like coffee?

Question 6

My host family's house is the supermarket and the petrol station.

Question 7

Are you teacher?

Question 8

He was married ten years .

Question 9

I'm going to a concert tonight. you like to come?

Question 10

My friend Alan doesn't how to speak German. Can we speak English, please?

Question 11

I don't have to do today.

Question 12

This is a photo of my daughter an ice-cream last summer.

Question 13

Maria is married my friend Pierre.

Question 14

Excuse me, I was wondering if you could help me, I'm lost. I'd like to go to Valletta. Where is the nearest bus stop?

Question 15

I to my brother's wedding next week.

Question 16

I think cycling is more dangerous driving.

Question 17

I the soup, please.

Question 18

Have you ever in an airplane before?

Question 19

I a lot of sport in my free time.

Question 20

We going to Spain on Friday.

Question 21

I've been a lot of pain these last few days. I've got a toothache.

Question 22

You need to up your mind and take a decision.

Question 23

anywhere interesting recently?

Question 24

A Class is close to Paceville. You can go there .

Question 25

Don't be put by his tattoos and beard. He is really friendly.

Question 26

I have very skin and it burns very easily.

Question 27

I my best friend Charles for over 10 years.

Question 28

Evie used to find work boring she became a nurse.

Question 29

If they had waited for Klaus, they late.

Question 30

I outside A Class when suddenly a police car arrived and two policemen got out of the car.

Question 31

If he decides to try timpana, a typical Maltese food, he it. It's delicious.

Question 32

She to send some e-mails after school.

Question 33

Look at the camera, Christine, as I want to a photo. Say cheese!

Question 34

I've been in Malta learning English last Monday.

Question 35

Nicole on this project for a couple of months so she hasn't made much progress yet.

Question 36

My doctor advised me to lose wight by going on a diet and taking a new sport.

Question 37

I couldn't up with the noise in the city, so we moved to the countryside for some peace and quiet.

Question 38

Running is a sport requires a lot of dedication and hard work.

Question 39

What clothes should I pack for a trip to Malta? Well it depends the time of year.

Question 40

By the age of 18, I not to get a tattoo.

Question 41

The number of smartphone handsets has enormously in the last 5 years.

Question 42

You may borrow my phone charger you promise to look after it.

Question 43

It's a beautiful cake. It taken ages to decorate.

Question 44

There's going to be a new department at work. They have asked me to it up.

Question 45

Researchers who study identical twins who have been separated at and had been looked by different families found some results. The separated twins were often similar, not only in , but also in intelligence and their personalities. One famous set of twins was reunited at the age of forty. They were called Bob, and a great deal in common. These brothers, who part in the study, also drove the same model of car and both had a dog called Bruce. They also worked as estate agents and married a divorced woman called Linda before remarrying a woman called Elizabeth. These remarkable coincidences occur so often that it is to say they simply happened because of .

Question 46

There is no in me getting Julian's phone number as I'll be seeing him later this afternoon.

Question 47

I don't think the red and pink in Joan's outfit together.

Question 48

Julie prefers to read books downloading them on to her computer.

Question 49

Having her driving test several times, Liz was relieved to finally pass on her fourth attempt.

Question 50

The sofa was so old and worn it was in urgent of replacement

Question 51

I couldn't up with the noise in the city so we moved to the countryside for some peace and quiet.

Question 52

Juanita invested a lot of time and money her new project.

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